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Prime Pavers was created and developed by the highly experienced Mauricio Delima.  We have an in-house crew with over 15 years of experience in the brick paving industry, helping him to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction.
“While there are many great companies out there to choose from, unfortunately the brick pavers industry is full of contractors with one goal in mind, to maximize profits at the expense of quality and reputation!”
In response, Mauricio developed Prime Pavers with one objective, “to help homeowners avoid getting burned by contractors, only by having the proper installation and maintenance of residential brick-pavers projects".
“When I first got into the business, it amazed me how many companies were out there ready to take advantage of unknowing people at any cost.”

Perfect for homeowners doing research on their own, Prime Pavers makes it simple. It is all about proper installation and maintenance.

“My job is to lay all of the facts out on the table about the proper brick-paver installation and maintenance techniques, so homeowners can ensure they will receive a good, quality job that will last.”

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